Definiton & Vision

CSM is a social political movement which aims, with the help of citizens and social organizations, at building the Human Society, the society of every single human – the whole human. It aims at building this society in peaceful ways and by the politics of causes rather than that of persons.
CSM helps building free, democratic and secular citizens through the basic principles of secularism, democracy, participation, sovereignty, justice, development, transparency and  Arabianism.
The CSM aims at a democratic secular country built on a free citizen that takes part in building a fair society that is open to its surrounding and the world based on the principle that a human being has an absolute value and on the CSM’s principles and mechanism of action.
  1. Civil Society: the concept of “civil society” that the CSM has its name and is trying to reach is the society which is based on the theory of “contracting between the individual and society” which sums up as a group of people who chose to be held in one society and agreed on abiding by unified laws.
  2. The Social Movement: the social movement here means working on improving the structure of society on a certain level like development programs rather than accomplishing a mission with no future effects like seasonal or temporary social aid.
  3. “The Human Society, Every Human, the Whole Human”: “Every Human” means all the people with no exception or prejudice, the rich and the poor, men and women…  As for the term “the Whole Human”, it refers to all what constitutes a human. This motto aims at changing mentalities, structures and laws to make society more human, so that nothing prospers except that which is for humans. This helps build an objective plan for integrated social development.
  4. “The Politics of Causes not Persons”: the politics of causes is based on the contribution of every individual through a group, in suggesting and executing a specific policy that meets the needs of society. The” Cause” is the issue in this structure that is built on cooperation. The project then is not related to anyone. It is built on and continues with the desire of cooperation of everybody. As for the “Politics of Persons” which the CSM condemns, it is based on making a person a president or a leader who represents and speaks for the whole group. This often leads to the group’s disagreement with each other and makes them care about minor issues that drive them away from the main cause that actually united them.
  5. Non-Violence is a Changing Power:  Non-violent struggle is the human changing power for a violent reality. It aims at changing unfair realities through a complete agenda of the human, community and society. The non-violence principle stresses the full respect of people as individuals or communities since humans are viewed as the basic value of all living things. The CSM tries through non-violence to make individuals and groups use non-violent ways to solve their problems.
  6. The Free Citizen:  it is the individual in the country that she or he belong to, take part in building it, defends it, and enjoys in it freedom in expressing her or his thoughts, actions and communications with other as long as the individual’s freedom respects  the others’ freedom.
  7. This article represents the CSM vision.